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Another Fenway Story Coming Soon!

Keep your eyes peeled for a new Fenway Stevenson short story! It'll be in an anthology of mystery short stories by many different crime fiction writers—and it'll be released soon!

Set in the early summer between the first two novels, the short story follows Acting Coroner Fenway Stevenson as she investigates a suspicious death in Estancia with Sergeant Desirée Roubideaux.

The other stories vary widely: some of them are hardboiled, some of them are humorous—but they're all crime fiction. They take place all over the world: Thailand, the U.K., New Orleans, Florida—even 1950s Yugoslavia. From private investigators to police, from vigilantes to firefighters, each of the main characters anchors their own series. If you like one of the short stories, you may very well like the author's whole series!

I'm not at liberty to share the title, cover, or release date yet—only that it'll be available soon, and that I hope you enjoy the story upon its release!