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Ceremony Early Reviews!

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Starting a new series, in my experience, is more nerve-wracking than publishing my first book. With Fenway, I'd planned and ruminated for so long that I wrote it mostly for my own sense of accomplishment, and was pleasantly surprised every time someone else enjoyed reading it. But publishing Ceremony (coming August 17!) feels more intense—there are much higher expectations to live up to. Which is probably why I'm so immensely gratified and honored that fellow writers and early readers are giving such wonderful feedback! Here is a review from fellow mystery/ thriller author, D. F. Hart:

Ceremony is the inaugural installment of the "Murders of Substance" series, and is the latest offering by Paul Austin Ardoin, brilliant author of "The Fenway Stevenson Mysteries."

The case that brings them together is definitely unusual - a dead body in a chapel on a public college campus. But the location of the murder is anything but random. Becker and Woodhead find themselves chasing down multiple suspects and analyzing contradicting clues, not to mention dodging danger and getting on one another's nerves in the process.

If you enjoy deftly woven storylines, quirky but relatable characters, and 'wow, didn't see that coming' twists and turns, then I strongly recommend Ceremony.

—D.F. Hart, bestselling author of the Vital Secrets thriller series