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Five Stars to An Occupied Grave by A.G. Barnett

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An Occupied Grave (Brock & Poole Mystery Book 1)

By A.G. Barnett • ★★★★★

When mourners gather in the village of Lower Gladdock, the grave is found to be already occupied.

Detective-sergeant Guy Poole is hoping to put his traumatic past behind him and settle into his new station at Bexford. Now history is threatening to raise its head again, and he has a murder case to contend with. Detective Inspector Sam Brock has a new recruit to take under his wing, and he’s determined this one isn’t going to die. As if that wasn’t enough of a headache, his wife is coming home and may be on the verge of discovering the lie he’s been telling her.

Newly paired duo Brock & Poole must track down the killer before more lives are lost.

An Occupied Grave is a terrific police procedural. It has sharply drawn, compelling lead characters, a murder plot that kept me guessing, and a neat bit of ongoing subplots that don’t get wrapped up in a bow to keep me coming back for more. This is a great page-turner and a fantastic start to a series I will definitely continue to read.

Verdict: Not to be missed!