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Go for Green!

Everything's Gone Green has gone to Editing

· Fenway Stevenson,Murders of Substance

The second book in the Murders of Substance series, Everything's Gone Green, is at the editor! I have several teams of readers (including many of you on my Advance Reader Team!) who give feedback on everything from story development and characters, to grammar and typos. This is the very first round, where I expect to make some significant changes and improvements. Getting that feedback now means we're perfectly on track for the March 22 release!

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I've also received several questions about the Fenway Stevenson series. Don't worry–more are coming! Now that Everything's Gone Green is in the editing process, I am focusing all of my writing time on Book 8. Since Book 7, The Accused Coroner, wrapped up the overarching mystery of Fenway's mom, Book 8 not only begins a new chapter in Fenway's life, it's also a good place to start if you or a friend are new to the series.