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Merry Christmas! Announcing Fenway 3

I wish you and yours all the best this holiday. And here's my gift to you, loyal reader: The Candidate Coroner

I'm excited to share that I've completed my first draft of The Candidate Coroner, the third book in the Fenway Stevenson mystery series!

Picking up three months after the end of The Incumbent Coroner, Fenway must solve the murder of a rich philanderer—when her young, hated, trophy-wife stepmother emerges as the lead suspect. Balancing her coroner duties with her re-election campaign, Fenway uncovers a nefarious international scheme that threatens her life. Can Fenway solve the mystery before it's too late—and before Election Day?

The book is with early readers right now, and once I make another couple of rounds of changes, I'll be sending it to my editor! I hope to have the book released in the first quarter of 2019.