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Patreon is a subscription site for fans of  authors, illustrators, musicians, and other content creators. I discovered Patreon when one of my favorite bands, Pomplamoose, started sending me emails about it—it turns out their keyboard player is a co-founder! For a small monthly fee, I get access to new tracks, behind-the-scenes photos and stories, and other fun content. At the 20Books conference last fall, I heard from other mystery authors who use Patreon to give bonus content and early releases to their readers. I’m a supporter of a couple of authors and a few podcast creators. I wanted to share early releases of my books and some bonus content—so my Patreon page is now up and running!

For just $1 per month, I will recognize you in the acknowledgements of my upcoming books!

For $5 per month, you’ll receive exclusive content each month. New novels will be sent to patrons two weeks before publication date, beginning with Everything’s Gone Green next month! And for months without new releases, you’ll receive bonus content, including deleted scenes, commentary, and backstories.

For $25 per month, you can support your favorite (fictional) Estancia small businesses! Pour your morning coffee into a mug from Jack and Jill’s. Show your Nidever University pride with your own "Nidever Forever" T-shirt. 

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