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Paul in the UK!

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In mid-April, my kids had spring break from high school, and the whole family went to the United Kingdom for a week. I'll share some highlights from that trip in the coming weeks—starting now!

One of the highlights of our vacation was a trip to Stonehenge. Although I'd been to the UK several times—mostly on business for my cybersecurity job—I had never been to Stonehenge before.

For those of you who have read The Reluctant Coroner or The Incumbent Coroner, you know there are some details of police procedure in those books. I've never worked in law enforcement, so I turned to Jason Collins, a detective with the Sacramento Police Department, who is also one of the liaisons between the department and the FBI. He was a fantastic consultant for me, detailing who'd get involved in the unique kidnapping scenario in book two, as well as giving me some pointers on how sheriff's departments deal with evidence gathering and conflicts of interest.

Even though we live across the street from each other, our families hadn't hung out together in awhile, and our kids had spring break at the same time—and they were traveling to the UK too! So we all signed up for the same Stonehenge bus tour.

Stonehenge is one of the biggest mysteries of all time—the early theory that druids had constructed the site has effectively been debunked. And seeing the stones up close—something that can't be done (we were told) except through tours like the one we were on—is a pretty magical experience. As you stand in the circle, you can feel the reverence that these stones held for the people who built it.

Here's the photo of police detective and Fenway consultant Jason Collins (left) and me at Stonehenge. Stay tuned for more stories of my UK trip!

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