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Picture Perfect

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OK, "star" might be pushing it...

But this book, with my tiny role in it, chronicles the most important thing I've ever done (yes, more important than writing a novel). This adorable picture book is about a baby named Xander and his dads' journey through surrogacy in order to have a baby of their own. My wife, Stacie, was the surrogate, and I helped support her through this journey. I didn't have a tough job-I was at the birth, "coaching" her through it - but seeing the look on Chris's and Alex's faces when Xander came into the world was something I'll never, ever forget.

And now, the journey is chronicled in this great book - it was a finalist in the 2018 International Book Awards! I even appear in the book- I'm the tiny guy on the left with our two kids. (For the record, Stacie looks nothing like the illustration. She's more blonde.)

Check out "Xander's Story" by Christopher and Alejandro Garcia-Halenar.

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