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Review: Crap My Ghost Says

By Mary Stein Myers

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Crap My Ghost Says

By Mary Stein Myers • ★★★★★

Today is the new release of a fantastic and unique thriller—totally engaging, completely hilarious, and tantalizingly vulgar.

I was the editor of Crap My Ghost Says: The Hard Beginning, and it was a great experience. Myers has a real gift for dialogue. Marsden, Jess, and Phil are wonderfully realized characters. I loved the pacing—you'll be biting your nails for the last ten chapters as Marsden races toward the killer. And Ghost, for all her weird priorities, inappropriate language, and lack of respect for others' boundaries, is—surprise!—sympathetic and a complete character, not just potty-mouthed comic relief.
If the reaction of early readers are any indication, this hilariously irreverent, edge-of-your-seat thriller is going to fly off the virtual shelves.