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Review: Death in Aramezzo by Michelle Damiani

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Murder in an Italian Villiage, Book 1 • Michelle Damiani • ★★★★★

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Death in Aramezzo is a great read. Damiani is masterful with her characters. Amateur sleuth Stella Buchanan, the heroine of Death in Aramezzo, is no exception. Stella is an intriguing, complex sleuth, and I loved reading about all the different villagers. 

The setup is almost cinematic: Stella’s fall from grace in Manhattan and her last chance in Aramezzo to save her career. She doesn’t want to fall in love with the town she has to call home, but it’s delightful to see the journey she takes as Aramezzo chips away at her rough edges. The murder mystery is solid, and the steps Stella takes to solve the crime often had me at the edge of my seat.

I read (and loved) Damiani’s Soli series, and I felt right at home in this neighboring Umbrian town. I also love mystery, and this ticked all the boxes for a good cozy: great food, mysterious shadowy figures, and a feline companion who I hope we’ll see more of as the series continues. I can hardly wait for the next adventure with Stella in Aramezzo!

Not only is this a fantastic read, but Michelle has generously agreed to provide it to my Patreon supporters as the June thank-you gift! Not a Patron? Join here and select "Reader Patron." Each month I send a goodie bag of new writings in appreciation for your continued support.