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Review: Sadie's Spirit by CB Samet

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Sadie's Spirit (Romancing the Spirit Book 1)

By CB Samet • ★★★★★

When pragmatic physician and budding researcher, Sadie Crawford, goes for a hike, she didn't imagine she would die on the trail. She definitely didn't imagine she would become a ghost.
Rather than idly lingering on Earth, she focuses on finding her killer. 

I had read other books in this series and liked them a lot, and the first book is no exception. Samet focuses on the romance, but the stakes of the thriller part give the book urgency. And, like the other books in this series, Samet has a great handle on her two main characters—in this case, Sadie, the ghost trying to solve her own murder, and Asher, the one who got away all those years ago.

I found myself rooting for Sadie and Asher from the get-go. Both of them are flawed, but it's easy to see how they make each other better people. While the suspenseful part of the plot seems to fade in the background a bit, it's still at the root of the conflict that drives the book forward, and it stays compelling and strong throughout.

As a novella, it's a quick read—I started and finished it on a short flight—but it was also satisfying and made me want more.