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Review: The Quantum Curators and the Fabergé Egg

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The Quantum Curators, Book 1 • Eva St. John • ★★★★

Death or Glory – just another day in the office.

The idea of the book—curators who travel between parallel universes to capture valuable items before they are destroyed by history—is intriguing. The head of the curator group who travels to Earth B to save the Faberge Egg may be a little too much of the kick-ass humorless type, but she's nevertheless well-drawn and human.

The plot is interesting, but it gets bogged down by its own weight in places, and conflicts often resolve far too quickly—so much so that I didn't think the book was actually over. With so much unresolved by the end of the book, too, it's a bit maddening to realize that this is merely the first of the series and the next book (or maybe later ones) will need to finalize the unresolved threads—and there are many.

The writing style is smooth and it's easy to like the main characters. There could be a better idea of who we're supposed to root against, but these issues really just lower it to four stars from the full five.