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Review: The Winter Mystery by Faith Martin

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The Winter Mystery (Jenny Starling Book 2)

By Faith Martin • ★★★★★

Meet Jenny Starling: travelling cook and reluctant amateur detective.

I love mysteries, and while cozies are often hit-or-miss for me, Martin's Jenny Starling's series is eminently readable. The Winter Mystery is one of the most satisfying cozies I've ever read: sharp dialogue, compelling situations, and a main character who I absolutely love spending time with.

This particular story is wonderful and the ending is deeply satisfying. I love a mystery where the clues are staring you in the face the entire time and you can't connect the dots until the sleuth connects them for you. When Faith Martin is on top of her game, her mysteries are as good as the best that Agatha Christie or Sue Grafton has to offer, and The Winter Mystery showcases Martin's talents brilliantly. Rooting for most of the characters in this book would be difficult, but Martin shows (almost) all the characters' hopes and dreams very well. Highly recommended!