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The Coroner and the Walk-In Freezer

Brand New Exclusive Short Story for Patreon Subscribers!

A huge thank-you to everyone who is supporting me on Patreon. Each of you is helping me achieve my goal of becoming a full-time author!

As a token of my appreciation, my Patreon subscribers (Reader Patron level and above) received an early (free) copy of my new novel, Everything's Gone Green. This month, my Patreon supporters get a brand-new EXCLUSIVE short story this month, as well as a collection of first-draft chapters.

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The Coroner and the Walk-In Freezer: This Fenway Stevenson short story takes place between Book 2 and Book 3. Early one morning, Fenway is called to the scene of a crime. A woman is found dead in the walk-in freezer of a posh Italian bakery. Two men loved her—did one of them commit murder? 

The Accused Coroner: Deleted Scenes: This companion piece to Book 7 of the Fenway Stevenson series is made up of original versions of six chapters from The Accused Coroner, as well as my commentary. It's a peek into my creative process that I hope you'll enjoy!  

If you’re a Patreon supporter, thank you so much! I’ll continue to create original and exclusive content for anyone who subscribes to the Reader Patron level or above.

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