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Today is the Day!

The Accused Coroner is now available at your favorite eBook retailer

· Fenway Stevenson,New Release

When I first published The Reluctant Coroner, nearly three years ago, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Chronicling Fenway’s journey during her first year as county coroner through seven books (and a short story) was incredibly exhilarating to write—and I hope you’ve found it equally enjoyable to read!

Today, The Accused Coroner, the seventh book in the Fenway Stevenson Mysteries, is now available on all major retailers in both ebook and paperback

The Accused Coroner wraps up this first set of Fenway novels—she’s grown professionally and personally, and she’s proven her worth not only to the people of Estancia but also to her family and herself as well. Happy reading!