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Wildfire Relief: How you can help

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Three weeks ago, my daughter’s recreational soccer team played a team from Paradise, California, about 90 miles north of my home near Sacramento. A week later, every single girl and every single coach on that team lost their houses in the wildfire that devastated Paradise.

They weren’t alone—the town is destroyed, and more than 10,000 homes were destroyed too, displacing an estimated 30,000 people.

The biggest thing that the community needs? Cash. Two local groups that are doing a ton of work are North Valley Community Foundation (NVCF), based in the neighboring town of Chico, and the Enloe Foundation, specifically to help patients and medical staff who have lost everything.

If you live in Northern California, please consider adopting a displaced family, and join the Facebook group to find a family you can help. (There are also links where you can purchase items that the families need, particularly important with the holidays coming.)

The church down the street from our house got together with our local bowling alley and, together, they're hosting Thanksgiving dinner for hundreds of displaced families. My family is spending today volunteering, prepping sweet potatoes and cranberry relish. In addition, I will donate all the royalties of Bad Weather for the rest of 2018—both e-book and paperback—to NVCF and Enloe.

Thanks for listening, and I hope you and yours have a very Happy Thanksgiving and a wonderful holiday season.

Paradise Lost: Before and After (