• Book Two of Murders of Substance

    A con man’s death two weeks before his wedding holds only one clue—a peculiar green discoloration in his mouth.

    Federal investigators Bernadette Becker and Dr. Kep Woodhead must join forces again to untangle the baffling evidence.

    Only they find their search for justice muddied by an old crime and complicated by a local cop with his own agenda.

    When the victim’s fiancée is arrested for the murder, Becker and Woodhead are positive she’s innocent, just another complication in an already twisted game of cat and mouse with a murderer.

    Tracking down the strange green substance leads them to a slaughterhouse with a dark secret, a stalker fresh out of prison, and a locked room in the Oregon high desert.

    All hold dangerous secrets…

    But does one hold the truth Becker and Woodhead seek, or will the killer strike again?


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  • Book One of Murders of Substance

    Dr. Kep Woodhead is a brilliant, irascible forensic toxicologist with a dark past. 

    Bernadette Becker is a disgraced federal investigator with one last chance.


    They're both assigned to a strange poisoning case: a graduate student has been found dead in a 15th-century chapel, a needle filled with a controversial hallucinogen sticking out of his arm.


    The priest, the professor, the piscary president, the protestor, the protégé—they all emerge as suspects to stop the victim's research project, and soon Becker's life is in danger.


    Do Becker and Woodhead have a prayer of discovering the truth before more people are killed?


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