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    Coming June 13, 2023

    Starting out as an indie author can be daunting, especially if you don't have much money to invest in marketing. If you've published one or more books but are struggling to get sales, this is the book for you!

    In From Zero to Four Figures, I'll show you the strategy that helped me build an audience and grow my self-published fiction business to $1,000 a month within two years—and got me on my way to hitting the bestseller lists.

    Increasing your sales requires the right books, mindset, and marketing — many new authors lack one or more of these pillars. This book helps identify the gaps and mistakes that are holding you back.

    These guidelines are repeatable, proven, inexpensive, and attainable—and will help get your self-published fiction business off the ground.

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    Rookie Year

    Every novel from The Reluctant Coroner to The Accused Coroner is here, chroncling Fenway's first year in Estancia—her journey to county coroner, the challenges she faces, and the cases she solves.This collection also includes two novelettes and two novellas, and presents all the stories in chronological order:

    • Book 1: The Reluctant Coroner
    • Novelette: The Coroner and the Body in the Bath
    • Book 2: The Incumbent Coroner
    • Novelette: The Coroner and the Walk-In Freezer
    • Book 3: The Candidate Coroner
    • Book 4: The Upstaged Coroner
    • Book 5: The Courtroom Coroner
    • Novella: The Christmas Coroner
    • Book 6: The Watchful Coroner
    • Book 7: The Accused Coroner
    • Novella: The Clandestine Coroner

    If you purchase these books separately, you'd spend almost $35 (and you wouldn't get the second novelette). But Rookie Year will be available for only $19.99... and it's available ONLY on my author store.

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