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    The Fenway Stevenson Mysteries

    The Fenway Stevenson Mysteries


    Blood is thicker than oil—until murder is involved.


    Book 1: Free

    Books 2-6: On sale for $2.99 each

    Book 7: Preorder now!


    Mixing murder, small-town politics, and hidden conspiracies, The Fenway Stevenson Mysteries follow the acting coroner as she solves the high-profile murders in her town-while juggling small-town politics, the whims of her rich, powerful father, and a budding romance with the county sheriff.

    The Slim Hardy Mysteries

    The Slim Hardy Mysteries


    He's a disgraced soldier—turned private detective.


    Book 1: 99¢

    Books 2-6: On sales for $2.99 each


    Set in present-day UK, the Slim Hardy Mysteries are classic tales of love, murder, betrayal, and intrigue, Slim goes through twists and turns—and often the bottom of a bottle—to get to the truth of each case.

    The Zachary Goldman Mysteries


    This private investigator is flawed with a capital F.


    Book 1: Free

    Book 2: On sale for $2.99


    This award-winning ten-book series focused on private investigator Zachary Goldman—his life isn't all roses, but he tries to put his own shattered life behind him to investigate a string of deaths, often of the voiceless.

    Vital Secrets

    D.F. HART


    They survive a nightmare—but don't escape unscathed.


    Book 1: Free

    Books 2-4: On sale for $2.99 each


    Follow FBI profiler Nathan Thomas and his teammates as they battle bad guys and catch killers, all the while navigating the day-to-day challenges of maintaining families and personal lives.

    Dr. Lillian Whyte Adventure Series


    Book 1: On sale for 99¢

    Book 2: On sale for $2.99


    Emergency medicine physician Lillian Whyte is swept into a dangerous world of profiteers, nuclear terrorists, and covert government operatives in this thrilling series from award-winning author C.B. Samet.

    Agent Red:

    The Teagan Stone Series


    Book 1: 99¢

    Books 2-4: Preorder now!


    Follow this adrenaline-rushing political spy thriller as an ordinary housewife tries to navigate a world filled with espionage, intrigue, and deadly assassins!

    Death Walks a Dog


    Many had a motive.
    Only one is after Penelope.


    Book 1: $2.99

    Book 2: Coming soon!


    Penelope Standing's pet sitting business—and her life—is pretty great. Until she arrives to walk Brutus, the lovable but ill-behaved mastiff—and finds his owner, Jezza, dead. Can Penelope figure out Jezza's secret past before she ends up as the next victim?

    The Charlotte Denver Cozy Mysteries


    What happens when small-town murder meets a big-hearted café owner? 


    Book 1: Free

    Books 2–9: On sale for $2.99 each

    A light, clean, fun, cozy mystery, set in an English coastal town, with characters who'll stay with you long after you've finished reading, and recipes to try for yourself.

    Gold Valley Mysteries


    Book 1: On sale for 99¢

    Book 2: New Release Coming Soon!


    Sophia Bell, the owner of Mama Ginger's Bakery (and a not-very-skilled kitchen witch) is hired to cater the grand opening of the magnificent Magnolia Winery. But when the manager is found dead, Sophia is the prime suspect!