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    The local cops say suicide. Woodhead and Becker say homicide. And now there's a target on their backs.

    Released November 14, 2023

    Case analyst Bernadette Becker uses the investigation of an apparent suicide as cover to chase down a new lead on an old case. But someone is chasing her too—and she’s not the only one in danger.


    The early reviews are in!

    "★★★★★ Oh, MY! This book is awesome from the first paragraph to the last!"

    "★★★★★ Seriously unputdownable!"

    "★★★★★ So many twists and turns...A great read and tough to put down"

    "★★★★★ Caught my attention and just did not let go"

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    Now Available Exclusively in my Author Store

    Rookie Year

    Every novel from The Reluctant Coroner to The Accused Coroner is here, chroncling Fenway's first year in Estancia—her journey to county coroner, the challenges she faces, and the cases she solves.This collection also includes two novelettes and two novellas, and presents all the stories in chronological order:

    • Book 1: The Reluctant Coroner
    • Novelette: The Coroner and the Body in the Bath
    • Book 2: The Incumbent Coroner
    • Novelette: The Coroner and the Walk-In Freezer
    • Book 3: The Candidate Coroner
    • Book 4: The Upstaged Coroner
    • Book 5: The Courtroom Coroner
    • Novella: The Christmas Coroner
    • Book 6: The Watchful Coroner
    • Book 7: The Accused Coroner
    • Novella: The Clandestine Coroner

    If you purchase these books separately, you'd spend almost $35 (and you wouldn't get the second novelette). But Rookie Year will be available for only $19.99... and it's available ONLY on my author store.

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    Paul Austin Ardoin is the USA TODAY Bestselling Author of The Fenway Stevenson Mysteries and the Woodhead & Becker Mysteries. His stories and essays have appeared in the anthologies The Paths We Tread, Turning the Tide, 12 Shots, Bottomfish, and Sweet Fancy Moses. His network security articles have been published in Channel Futures, California Computer News, and European Communications. Paul has a B.A. in Creative Writing from University of California, Santa Barbara, and he makes his home in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with his wife and dogs.