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New Look! Ceremony Gets an Update

· Murders of Substance
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My cover artist, the brilliant Ziad Ezzat, just completed the first redesign including the USA TODAY Bestselling Author tagline! While he was at it, we updated the imagery to be more, well, mysterious.

The series is loosely based on the 1987 album Substance by the English electronica band New Order (the first two tracks are "Ceremony" and "Everything's Gone Green"), and the old covers were an homage to the original album artwork by legendary designer Peter Saville. 

I loved the clean lines and the minimalism… but it turns out the covers looked a lot more like 1980s electronica albums than murder mysteries! They ended up being confusing and misleading instead of giving readers the visual preview of the novel. Ziad managed to keep the things I really liked (menacing syringe, simple color scheme) while giving it a clear mystery novel vibe.

Stay tuned for the updated cover of Book 2, Everything's Gone Green, coming in March!