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Cyber Tuesday eBooks

I believe in the adage "it takes a village." I know it originally referred to childrearing, but authors often think of their latest book as their baby! (I wish I were kidding.) When I first became a published author, one of the first things I did was seek out a community of other authors. I'm a member of a novel-writing group, and they've often been my sounding board and some of my most honest critics. They also write excellent books, three of which were released last week! If you have family or friends who love cozy mysteries, historical fantasy, or zombie novels (or, of course, if you do), books like these always make great gifts! I hope you enjoy these new releases as much as I do!

Death Trims the Tree by Tess Baytree 

Genre: Cozy Mystery

Penelope Standing isn't feeling the joy. A stolen rolling pin, sabotaged decorations, and a rude pastor may ruin Christmas. But everyone's favorite pet sitter is fighting back!

The Bone Shard Emperor by Andrea Stewart (The Drowning Empire Book 2)

Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy

Sarah J. Maas calls it "One of the best fantasy novels I've read in a long time." In this action-packed magical fantasy epic, a heroine at the head of a powerful empire confronts a raging battle as she’s forced to do whatever it takes to restore peace.

Run by Jamie Thornton (After the World Ends Book 1)

Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy, Young Adult

Dessa has plans. Unfortunately, so does the zombie apocalypse. The After the World Ends series launches a new series in the same bestselling universe as Zombies are Human. New characters. New adventures. A thrilling zombie apocalypse awaits.

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