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Fenway is a Bestseller!

· Fenway Stevenson

Last week, The Reluctant Coroner hit NUMBER ONE on the Kindle Free, Kobo Free and the Apple Books Free charts—not just for mysteries, but for the entire free store! Other books quickly climbed the paid book charts, including The Incumbent Coroner as #6 in Kindle African American Mysteries, and The Incumbent Coroner, The Upstaged Coroner, and The Courtroom Coroner all graced the Nook Indie Top 100!

A huge THANK YOU to all purchase Fenway's stories, send messages, and write reviews. You are an amazing group of readers! And if you haven't gotten the new version yet, get it from your favorite store (or download from BookFunnel). I've extended the sale so it's free for the rest of the month.

You can find links to the entire Fenway series below. Maybe we can keep the momentum going and add some more Fenway books to those bestseller charts!