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New and Improved!

The Reluctant Coroner gets some TLC

· Fenway Stevenson,amwriting,Extras

If you downloaded Book 1, The Reluctant Coroner, but haven't finished it, maybe the beginning of the book was too slow for your taste. The Reluctant Coroner was the first novel I ever completed, and I've learned a lot about becoming a better author since its publication. I've just revised (and I think significantly improved) The Reluctant Coroner, focusing on the first third of the book.

Here's a sample from Chapter 1:

“He hasn’t heard anything for sure, but I hate the rumors I’m hearing. Ferris Energy has still got the whole area closed for the accident investigation. Can you believe it? What’s Allan going to do?”

“Better unemployed than dead, Angie.”

Fenway’s ears pricked up.

Nathaniel Ferris had always been the most powerful man in the county. His eponymous energy company was the largest employer, and even when oil prices fluctuated wildly, he still made his numbers, got his bonuses, made his slice of the profits.

Than dead?

Had something happened? Something to ruffle her father’s unrufflable feathers? Could her rich, powerful, perfect father be at fault for an accident at his refinery? She didn’t remember anything from the news, but she was a thousand miles away—and didn’t pay attention to any news about her father, anyway.

But this was interesting.

“I think you’re making too big of a deal out of it,” Angie’s friend said. “They did an internal investigation. Wrong place, wrong time. Allan shouldn’t get laid off just because his coworkers did something stupid.”

Wrong place, wrong time? Fenway leaned back, but the barista called Angie and the two women were out of earshot.

Fenway tried to shift her attention to other conversations, but she couldn’t concentrate.

Better unemployed than dead.

Wrong place, wrong time.

So if you haven't finished Book 1, give it another chance! Right now, it's free on ALL platforms through July 11!