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The Autumn of Fenway

New Releases Every Month!

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Big news for Fenway fans! THREE Fenway books will be coming your way in the next three months!

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The Clandestine Coroner: Book 7 1/2

When a member of a secret society is found dead in the local temple, Coroner Fenway Stevenson finds herself embroiled in an underground world where no one plays by the rules. The society leader turns hostile, a dead body goes missing, and an embezzlement scheme threatens disaster. Can Fenway find allies to uncover the truth before the killer gets away?

The Clandestine Coroner takes place between Book 7 (The Accused Coroner) and the upcoming Book 8 (The Offside Coroner). The novella (about 1/3 the length of a Fenway novel) is available NOW to my Patreon reader subscribers or in the USA to Kindle Vella readers. It’ll be released at the very end of August in ebook and paperback on all major reader platforms. (Due to Kindle Vella rules, it won’t be available for preorder.)

The Offside Coroner: Book Eight in the Fenway Stevenson Mysteries

A coach, a protégé—and a scandal that turns deadly.

A fancy dinner date with her boyfriend turns into Coroner Fenway Stevenson's worst nightmare. Sucked into investigating a wife accused of adultery, Fenway finds herself caught in the crossfire when the head coach for a professional soccer team ends up with his skull bashed in. As a sex scandal engulfs the team, Fenway tries to protect the prime suspect. Can Fenway unmask the killer before the body count rises?

Available September 20 (two weeks early to all Patreon Reader subscribers)

The Christmas Coroner: Book 5 1/2

Buried secrets. A dead celebrity. Just in time for Christmas.

As County Coroner Fenway Stevenson deals with her first Christmas without her mother, a dead Instagram celebrity chef is murdered in a remote cabin. The local foodie community reveals its dark underbelly as Fenway and the sheriff unearth a perplexing code that could lead to the killer.

Can Fenway figure out the puzzle before the killer strikes again?

The Christmas Coroner is a short novel set between Book 5 (The Courtroom Coroner) and Book 6 (The Watchful Coroner). Available October 25 (two weeks early to all Patreon Reader subscribers)