Editing Services


    Looking for an editor for your manuscript?


    Paul offers editing services: developmental, line & copy editing, and proofreading, available separately or as a package.



    mysteries, literary fiction, memoirs, and thrillers.

    Other genres on a case-by-case basis.


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    "Paul is unbelievably clear in his feedback. He told me both what worked in my manuscript and what didn’t, elucidating characters that needed further fleshing out and plotlines that needed shaping.

    This novel is by far my best work, thanks to Paul’s keen editing. I will be hiring him for all my future manuscripts."

    Monique Koll

    “Paul edited my memoir, and helped me see a ton of ways to improve it. While it was tough to see how much work was ahead of me,

    I appreciated his honesty about what needed to improve. His encouragement and enthusiasm for the potential of the book has made his feedback that much more valuable.”

    "When I published my first book, I struggled to find a a quality editor so much that I gave up and published without external editing.


    For my second book, while struggling with editors who made aggressive stylistic or just outright bad edits, Mr. Ardoin came in and saved the day. Not only did he give thorough, quality edits that brought attention to bad habits I didn't know I had, but he cited stylistic manuals and gave the feedback in a professional and encouraging manner.


    I cannot express enough how glad I am for investing in his services and how much better my work is because of him."