• The Offside Coroner

    Book Eight of The Fenway Stevenson Mysteries

    A coach, a protégé—and a scandal that turns deadly.


    A fancy dinner date with her boyfriend turns into Coroner Fenway Stevenson's worst nightmare. Sucked into investigating a wife accused of adultery, Fenway finds herself caught in the crossfire when the head coach for a professional soccer team ends up with his skull bashed in. As a sex scandal engulfs the team, Fenway tries to protect the prime suspect.


    Can Fenway unmask the killer before the body count rises?


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    The Clandestine Coroner

    A Fenway Stevenson Novella (Book 7.5)

    When a member of a secret society is found dead in the local temple, Coroner Fenway Stevenson finds herself embroiled in an underground world where no one plays by the rules. The society leader turns hostile, a dead body goes missing, and an embezzlement scheme threatens disaster. Can Fenway find allies to uncover the truth before the killer gets away?


    The Clandestine Coroner takes place between Book 7 (The Accused Coroner) and the upcoming Book 8 (The Offside Coroner). 


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    The Accused Coroner

    Book Seven of the Fenway Stevenson Mysteries

    On the run. Accused of murder—with no way out.

    Coroner Fenway Stevenson is accused of a homicide she didn't commit—but all the evidence points to her. Staying one step ahead of the police, she discovers one secret after another about not only the victim, but about her mother's secret past. With the body count rising and the killer still on the loose, can Fenway find the truth and prove her innocence before she becomes the next victim?


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    The Watchful Coroner

    Book Six of The Fenway Stevenson Mysteries

    A murder in the city's most exclusive hotel. The prime suspect? Her boyfriend's ex-wife.

    There's another killing in the cozy beach town of Estancia. This time, Coroner Fenway Stevenson needs to solve the murder of one of the most prominent businessmen in town.

    But everyone has ulterior motives.

    The new mayor is pressuring her to make a quick arrest. Is he eager for justice or does he have something to hide?
    Fenway's relationship with her boyfriend is strained when the investigation threatens to unearth a terrible secret and tear his family apart.
    Her father lies comatose after being shot by a bullet meant for Fenway. His company is on the brink of disaster.
    The investigation quickly turns into a political and personal battleground. Her friends, colleagues, and family get caught in the web of complicated relationships and contradictory evidence—and as the mayor turns the screws on Fenway, her emotions reach the boiling point.

    When the primary suspect's alibi changes, Fenway knows something isn't right. Is she trying to hide a bigger secret or is she playing a more nefarious game?
    Will Fenway arrest an innocent woman to save herself?
    Can she uncover the truth before it's too late?


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    The Christmas Coroner

    A Fenway Stevenson Novella (Book 5.5)

    Buried secrets. A dead celebrity. Just in time for Christmas.


    As County Coroner Fenway Stevenson deals with her first Christmas without her mother, an Instagram celebrity chef is murdered in a remote cabin. The local foodie community reveals its dark underbelly as Fenway and the sheriff unearth a perplexing code that could lead to the killer.


    Can Fenway figure out the puzzle before the killer strikes again?


    The Christmas Coroner is a short novel set between Book 5 (The Courtroom Coroner) and Book 6 (The Watchful Coroner).


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    The Courtroom Coroner

    Book Five of The Fenway Stevenson Mysteries

    A dead defendant. A court in lockdown. And a murderer in the room.


    Coroner Fenway Stevenson is distraught. Not only is her father on trial for murder, but a huge conspiracy is wrecking the coastal town she calls home.


    And with two gunshots in a crowded courtroom, everything changes.


    A dead body. Thirteen people. A set of locked doors. As the hours tick by, one thing becomes clear: the killer is still in the courtroom and will stop at nothing to ensure the truth never comes out.

    With nothing but a fingerprint kit, an Ethernet cable, and her wits, can Fenway catch the killer before becoming a victim herself?


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    The Upstaged Coroner

    Book Four of the Fenway Stevenson Mysteries

    The local university’s Shakespeare troupe already had plenty of drama. Then their manager was murdered.

    The morning after the coroner election, Fenway Stevenson finds herself in the middle of another emotionally charged case. The manager of a renowned Shakespeare group is killed—and there’s no shortage of suspects. Uncovering secret affairs and ties to a deep conspiracy, she gets stonewalled by actors, accountants, and even the university president—who all seem to know more than they admit. Can Fenway solve the murder before she becomes the next victim?


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    The Candidate Coroner

    Book Three of the Fenway Stevenson Mysteries

    Two contentious elections. One dead philanderer. A monumental conspiracy.

    In the midst of Acting Coroner Fenway Stevenson’s reelection campaign, the body of a successful business owner is found in a pedestrian underpass—and she discovers that her young, hated stepmother is the prime suspect. As if that’s not bad enough, further digging only exposes a money-laundering scheme that could implicate dozens of residents in the coastal town she calls home.

    Each clue she uncovers puts her in more danger. After an attempt on her life, and with more bodies piling up, how will Fenway solve the mystery, win the election—or simply save her own life?


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    Book Two of the Fenway Stevenson Mysteries

    A beloved mayor. A seedy motel room. One baffling murder.

    The bizarre circumstances of Fenway Stevenson’s latest case as county coroner drag her to the center of one very dangerous game. With one suspect in custody, an attempt on the life of the key witness leads to her disappearance and more unanswered questions. Fenway must race to solve the mystery before anyone else dies while also juggling a contentious election and her overbearing father’s meddling.

    As summer temperatures rise, so do the stakes. What will Fenway have to sacrifice to ensure the safety of those she loves?


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    A Fenway Stevenson Short Story (Book 1.5)

    A dead body in a tub. An unemotional widow. An accused young lover.


    Clearly the veneer of suburban utopia is cracking in Acting Coroner Fenway Stevenson's latest investigation.This story takes place between Books One and Two of The Fenway Stevenson Mysteries.


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    The Reluctant Coroner

    Book One of the Fenway Stevenson Mysteries

    Blood is thicker than oil—until murder is involved.


    Fenway Stevenson doesn’t want to return to the coastal town where her estranged father is practically king. But the death of her mother draws her back home—and the murder of the county coroner draws her into a deepening conspiracy. As the body count rises and all signs seem to point toward her father’s oil company, will Fenway uncover the truth before family bonds become deadly?


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    A Dez Roubideaux Novella

    Sometimes a lie is the only way to reveal the truth.


    Only months from receiving her criminal justice degree, Dez Roubideaux’s world shifts when she meets the mysterious and intoxicating Frankie—a woman with an intriguing story of sexism in the publishing industry. A heated discussion leads to heated moments between them. But when Dez realizes Frankie is lying about her identity, the secrets put Dez—and the people she cares about—in mortal danger.


    Can Dez uncover the truth before Frankie’s past destroys her future?


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