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Happy Mother's Day

A round-up of my favorite authors & heroines

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This Sunday in the U.S. we celebrated Mother's Day. Flower shops and restaurant reservations sold out weeks ahead, and even baseball teams like Fenway's favorite Boston Red Sox  were decked out in celebratory pink gear. It got me thinking about all the amazing women in my life, as well as authors and fictional heroines that I admire. So, here's a quick round-up of some of my favorite books by and about intrepid and incredible women.

The Zachary Goldman Mysteries by P.D. Workman

P.D. Workman is one of my favorite indie mystery authors, and her PI Zachary Goldman is a compellingly flawed character you can't help but root for. Download Book 1, She Wore Mourning, for free, or check out the whole 13-book series.

The Quantum Curators and the Fabergé Egg by Eva St. John

She has guns and attitude, he has a fountain pen. Together they are going to have to race against time to save the egg, before a hidden enemy gets there first. Read my full review.

Penelope Standing Cozy Mysteries by Tess Baytree

A middle-aged dog walker who happens to solve mysteries in her free time? These cozies are well-written, attention-grabbing, and downright funny. Buy Death Walks a Dog from your favorite ebook retailer. 

What I Loved by Siri Hustvedt

 I rarely give five stars on Goodreads, but What I Loved earned every one. Read more on Hustvedt's website.

The Santa Lucia Series by Michelle Damiani

You may have seen the 5-star reviews I gave to her Umbrian dramatic novels, Santa Lucia and The Silent Madonna. I loved the magic and light themes in both books. The third and fourth, like the first two, are part mystery, part romance, part travel novel—and all delightful. Buy Santa Lucia from your favorite ebook retailer.

Sadie's Spirit by C.B. Samet

I had read other books in this series and liked them a lot, and the first book is no exception. Samet focuses on the romance, but the stakes of the thriller part give the book urgency. Read my full review.

The Jenny Starling Mysteries by Faith Martin

OK, everything by Faith Martin is wonderful, but I particularly enjoy this series of whodunnits featuring Jenny Starling, a traveling cook and amateur detective. See the entire series on Amazon.